HI! I’m Melissa! 27 year old single mother of one awesome daughter. I’ve always felt like a was every type of woman rolled into one. Pretty girl, tomboy, gym freak, bum, nerd. I take interest in all sorts of things and love learning and trying new things. That’s part of the reason I created this blog. I want to share what I know too! Plus it gives me a chance to reach out across the world for others to share more with me as well. I’m on a budget (Who isn’t these days?) and love crafty things. I have a B.A. in Health and Wellness, and an obsession with ‘pretty’ things I can buy or make on my own when I’m too cheap to splurge. I’ll be posting about fitness, nutrition, health, beauty, some random mom things, and DIY, and saving money. We are all in the rat race of life together, so lets have fun, read, and connect with others!