Lipsense Review

Hey Everybody! Sorry I haven’t posted much, trying to get ready for two different trips that line up back to back! WHEW it’s exhausting! Anyways, have you guys heard of this stuff called lipsense??? A friend of mine has been selling it for the past few months, and about a month ago I decided to give in and give it a try. It’s a pricey get up, $55 for the start up kit which you HAVE TO HAVE, apparently. So far I’m loving this stuff! This really is the only long lasting lipstick I have found that doesn’t wear off. I literally had this on for 16 waking hours, and fell asleep with it on, only for my lipstick still to be intact the next morning. Pretty impressive right?! BUT, that’s not the only reason I’m loving this product so well. The other reason is, it really is making my lips better! I’ve always had chapped lips. Always. I’ve tried countless ways to exfoliate my lips, sugar scrubs, brushing your lips with lotion on a tooth brush, an exfoliating glove followed up by hundreds of different moisturizers or lip balms and chapsticks that you can imagine. I researched deeper to see if there was another issue that was causing my chapped lips, in which they say the biggest culprit is not drinking enough water. For most people the light bulb would go off, but I know I get enough water through out the day (I train for fitness competitions, water intake is #1). Still, my chapped lips persisted so I was stuck with putting on lipstick, for it to dry and flake and look like crap later on in the day. Since trying and using solely Lipsense on my lips, my chapped lips are virtually gone. I still have a little dryness, but they aren’t flakey! They look like magazine model lips! It’s so easy! You put on how ever many coats of color you want, and brush it with the gloss and you are done! Bring the gloss and touch it up as the day goes on, and the color still stays strong.

I highly recommend any budget conscience mom to look into getting it, especially if you are a lipstick wearer. MY reasoning is, while the start up is $55 and colors are $25, it’s still more economical than buying cheap lipsticks, and lip balms on top of it. A $25 tube of lipsense can last the whole year, it’s made with alcohol denat in it, so it’s antibacterial. They have a TON of colors that are easily mixable to create a custom color as well. I have three colors, a light pink, reddish/brown, and a purple….they all mix wonderfully together!


One tip though, you don’t NEED the oops remover, I found that Micellar water works even better on your lips than the remover.


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