Yes I Co-Slept with my child

One HUGE controversial topic regarding infant and child care is how your child is to sleep when they are born, up until their toddler years to prevent suffocation and sudden infant death syndrome. Many cultures co-sleep and sometimes its the whole family on one mattress. Scientists and doctors strongly advise against co-sleeping. I had no intentions of co-sleeping with my daughter. She had the bassinet that was close the the bed, and that’s what she was gonna use because this momma didn’t want to share her space. I had also decided to breastfeed when my little bean decided to make her appearance. The hospital stay for me was horrific, not because it was a bad hospital or anything, just because of the sudden change of having a baby in your belly to a crying baby on the outside, and in terrible pain from giving birth. The first few days at home, I found that my daughter and I would fall asleep after I fed her and had her resting on my chest while I sat in the chair. Her and I both were comfortable like that, but once my stitches started healing and I felt better to lay down and get out of bed, I made the move to put my daughter in the bassinet while we slept. At night I when she was hungry I would get up, and go feed her and put her back down again. Not so bad…..Until all that time not getting sleep catches up to you. It started innocent enough, I was simply just too tired to keep that up, and one night I picked my daughter up to feed, laid on my side on my bed and let her nurse and I fell right to sleep. Couldn’t say how long I had fallen asleep, but in my dreams the realization hit me that I could be smothering my daughter! I snapped awake and immediately began checking to make sure my little Moo (Her baby nickname) was ok. Sure enough she was happy and sleeping peacefully. This would continue to happen, as I was a full time single mom who decided to take maternity leave for work, but not from college…so I was always drained at night. Eventually it got to the point my daughter couldn’t sleep without me being nestled to her, and it allowed me to get the sleep that I needed to get during that time. (Reminder, breastfeeding is also VERY energy draining). That little bean will be turning 5 this summer, and she or I have never had an incident with co-sleeping. She still will come crawl in bed with me at times if she wakes up during the night. I really feel that our co-sleeping helped build the strong bond her and I have right now, because of that constant closeness a baby needs. I don’t think co-sleeping is for everyone, and I’m not going to blatantly promote something that could be dangerous. But I will say, choose what works for you. Don’t feel ashamed for letting your child sleep with you, lord knows I know quite a few children who still slept with their parents till they were 11 (Don’t ask me why) but those same people have a really great relationship with their children. In an era where we have created distance from everything, keeping this one thing close could be a big difference in the future.


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