Hey Everyone! As we all know, humans are very routine….we pretty much do the same thing the same way day in and day out. There is no exception to your morning and nightly skincare routine. I’ve been through many different regiments for my daily facial care in my time. Some of these were not so great, 10% peroxide can cause chemical burns by the way. This past year, I’ve decided to go a little bit more natural with my routine, especially since my PCOS has been acting up the last six months. Normally I don’t get any crazy symptoms like some women, where they get horrendous cramps…..BUT I get terrible cystic acne. Not just a bump, I’m talking a new mountain appearing EVERY SINGLE DAY. It was really bothering me, especially because my SO and family would just blurt out how bad my face looked (As if I didn’t already knows guys). So a change was in order. I have been using Sheamoisture African Black soap, Curology prescription, and Dr. Jart’s water Drop moisturizer daily. The African black soap is very mild, and gives off a smell of black licorice, plus has shea butter. The curology prescription I have been on is custom formulated for my skin and I use it at night. Morning and night I apply Dr. Jart’s moisturizer (Moisturizing my face was something I’ve never been good at until I’ve noticed my wrinkles showing) After about two weeks with these three products together, my face took a turn for the better again. It’s clean, almost acne free, and not dry!! These products are very simple and very great, plus don’t have too high of a cost, and they have been effective at treating HORMONAL acne, which everyone says can’t be done. (Bite it internet article doctors) I suggest checking these products, or product lines out rather (sheamoisture actually has a ton of natural products) because of their effectiveness and that they fit the budget!!!! SCORE!!!!


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