Ain’t Got Time for That!!

Hey Everyone! I decided to use the color purple for font since it’s my daughters favorite color, and I’m missing her something fierce while she is at school today. 


One thing I don’t think single moms’ or women really get credit for is how they handle everything in their life. Not to say a man isn’t busy, but I think their busy and a woman’s busy are two different things and I believe this has to do with a woman’s list being more tedious. For example, a guy getting ready for work in the morning really only has to be shower, brush teeth and throw on clothes, especially since beards are in. For most women to get ready for work, it’s going to take them over that half hour bench mark on time. Sure, we don’t HAVE to go through the hassle of blow drying and styling hair or applying make up, but then we run the risk of not looking presentable. And if you are in the administrative department, looking disheveled could cost you your job. Of course being put together and looking really well, is one of the first things to automatically go when a Woman’s schedule gets ramped up even more.

So many people come to me while my boyfriend are out, and always applaud me for having such a busy schedule and being on top of it, while looking great (even if I chose jeans and a plain men’s t-shirt, i make it ‘work’). My BF laughs because he gets to see how a woman on the go actually operates all the time since we’ve been together. Sure he does give me crap if I’ve thrown my hair in a bun, wearing the same sweatshirt two days in a row, but he gets it now. Trying to dress to the 9’s doesn’t happen when more important things in life show up. Now, if you don’t want to be the mom in pajamas in the afternoon, make some closet moves to help you keep it together, well at least when you NEED to. *DISCLAIMER* By all means wear what you want when you want, these are tips for that super crazy day when you need to literally throw yourself together and GO.

Leggings- Was not a big fan of these until this past year. They are a great transition piece, meaning I can wear them to the gym and just change my top and I’m good to go…PLUS they are comfy as heck. All sorts of colors and patterns to choose from. You can literally through a dressy top on a pair of leggings with a jacket or sweater and you look DIVA. I’ve also found that my jeans don’t sit well with all of my tops, giving me that fat belly look and legging or yoga pants help diminish that.

Classic style shirts- Go for shirts that aren’t very trendy as in PLAIN. Let it have a cool cut, or some accent, that’s fine but stick with simple since you are in a rush. It really helps create a classic look.

Makeup- If you’re like me, you hate the thought of not wearing make up, how else am I supposed to hide my bags?! Over time I was able to create a simple look within three minutes with my make-up. SIMPLE….no frills, just foundation, setting powder, a dusting of a nude sparkly shadow with eyeliner and mascara. BOOM….now my face doesn’t look like a trash receptacle. 

Hair- This will all depend on how your hair was before, and when you last washed it. Sometimes you can throw it in a quick ponytail, which I like to have little whispies out that frame my face for a less harsh look. You can put it in a high or low bun, and there are many ways to do bun hair styles. A braid, yep I rock that side indian braid sometimes…..OR if your hair isn’t that much of a mess you can put some dry shampoo or cornstarch in your hair, give it a brush and a quick hair flip and go. 


I think the important part in looking presentable while in a rush, all comes down to simplicity. I try to plan out my day the night before, to determine what kind of time I have that day. If I know I’m going to have a huge time crunch when I wake up, Then I make sure I’ve got an overall plan on how I want to leave the house.


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