Gut Health

Happy Tuesday! One thing I think we all overlook these days is our gut health. What is gut health?? Well that pertains to your digestive health silly! As a woman, how do you know if your gut health is good or not? Gas is an easy indicator that your tummy is out of sorts, unless you just ate something you might have never eaten before. Do you suffer from yeast infections, UTI’s, bacterial vaginosis, acne or really bad gas??? Those are all signs that your intestines and flora are out of whack. Are you constantly getting sick? The good bacteria in our digestive system also plays a role with our immune system, so if it’s low, you might end up with more colds or illnesses. Great news is that fixing your digestive system is relatively easy. Eating a healthy and balanced diet plays a big role, but sometimes you just need to do a little bit more. All natural yogurt, Apple cider vinegar, and probiotics are great ways to give you that belly boost! you can eat a half cup of yogurt a day, take a daily probiotic, or take 1 tablespoon of ACV a day to help boost your digestive tract and immune health. Yogurt and the probiotic are the easiest to take, however ACV does more than just rev up your gut health…’s just AWFUL tasting, especially when it has the ‘mother’. I would love to read off the ways and uses of ACV, but the list is long. I simply mix a tablespoon in with my orange juice and chug it down. I just got back into it the last month, and have noticed a change with my face….brighter, less tired looking. While gas might be funny….it can be an indicator of something more than food not mixing well. Great gut health has also been linked to a better and happier well being. Do you know anything else that helps wth gut health? Let Me know!!!!!


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