Fridays are for Festivities

Something I have just recently started getting into, is community events! The events are normally listed in the local paper or on their website, if your town doesn’t hand out a special community calendar with the events already listed. I just got back from “A Trip around the world” food tasting at my local college. The culinary class put together different booths with foods from different countries. The best thing about these events, they get you mingling with strangers and are often times really cheap if not free! My ticket cost me $10, which is less than a lunch date with your friends these days. I ended up with six appetizer sized plates of food plus dessert and beverages…..and I absolutely cleaned every plate. One thing you’ll rarely see me do is turn down food!


The nice thing about this event was that it was hosted at the college, where I also go to the gym. Those collard greens and enchiladas will not go to waste! A little more you should know about me is that I have my B.A. in Health and Wellness. While I’m a bit of a health nut, I also know how to live. It never hurts to indulge, unless you’re indulging all the time. Today was leg workout for me today. A lot of women compliment me on my legs, so I thought I would share what my leg day consisted of at the gym.


Friday Legs workout:

Stairmaster lvl 6-10(depending on your fitness level) for 10 minutes

3×12 dumbell squats with 20lbs dumbbells

3×12 leg extrensions superset with:

3×12 leg abductions

4×10 leg press at 210lbs- walking lunges for 50ft between each set

4×15 sumo squats


3×25 crunches

3×25 leg lifts

3×25 bicycle crunches



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