The Cheap Single Mom

The purpose of Cheap Single Mom, is to broadcast information, products, techniques, or just random relevance that the normal, every day frugal mom (That might also be a single mom). Why? Simple, I’m a cheap single mom who 1)Is finding a hobby where I can voice myself…you know to be more sociable on some platform of social media.  2) Because us moms need products and ways to make our lives cheaper, more efficient and a LOT more fun…and I’m not just talking home cleaning products kind of fun all the time either. GIRL….we got to look put together on top of all the crap we take on in our day to day lives too. (Don’t EVER comment how much of a grandma I look like on my few and far between “I’m not doing bologne” days)


I’m a soon to be 28 year old mom to one pistol of a 4 year old daughter. I’ve learned a ton of things so far on my excursion to find that happy balance between parenting, job life, home life, and personal time. Something else about me is that I’m in the military and a fitness enthusiast. I’ve always had a creative and innovative side that I haven’t been able to share, but I’m finally taking those steps! I take an oddball sense of approach to life…..don’t worry about it until it happens, then it’s too late to worry! Trust me, adopt the motto and you will find the gray hairs multiply at a much slower rate. Yes, I’m almost 28, and have gray hair.


As my first post I will leave this little tip for now:

Are you tired of looking tired?! Easy way to help the appearance of your skin without caking on make- up, go for a fruits and greens smoothie. Not the expensive crap at a smoothie bar…find the sports nutrition or dieting section in the store and you can grab the bags of powder for like $3-$5 if you can’t grab frozen fruits or fresh ones. Get those vitamins and nutrients on the fly, or take some time and mix some frozen fruits and veggies in your nutri-bullet with some protein powder. Do it right and they can become your little snack that makes your skin bright, but can also help with actual dieting. I literally kept a bag of EAS brand smoothie in my car, kitchen, and at work so I could always make one when I was cutting weight and had an angry sweet tooth.






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